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Per My Last Email - Author Signed Copy

Per My Last Email - Author Signed Copy

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Layla Wright fit in her role as admin at West Oak Publishing about as well as she would at a five star restaurant in her ‘I love DILFS T-shirt’. When she applied to the job she thought she would be learning the ins and outs of the industry to eventually write and publish her own novel. But after years of staying in this same position, she’s unsure of how to break out of her routine and chase her dreams.

Luke Wells knows the words “friend zone” all too well. Staying in a dead-end position at a company he doesn’t care for only has one Layla Wright. He may hate his job just as much as she does, but she’s the one thing he’s not willing to lose. When Luke finds out he’s up for a promotion, he has to decide how far he’s willing to go to stay close to Layla. With his own dreams of running a bar on the line, is Layla really worth sticking around for—especially when she’s never indicated there will be anything more between them than friendship?

A seaside work conference is just what they need to shake things up and break them out of this tight bubble they’ve been living in for so long. Will they finally be brave enough to go for what they want or will they return home with everything between them unchanged? Boundaries get crossed, lines get blurred, and donuts get eaten.

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